Dress Code

Get the Pointe Dance Studio Dress Code is strictly enforced.  Any student not dressed appropriately may not be permitted to participate in class. Instructors will not be held responsible for dressing dancers and/or putting up hair.  Please be prepared before class and make sure to check dance bags each week for all dance items before and after class.

Overview of Dress Code:

  • Regardless of length, all hair should be pulled back off the face and neck in a neat fashion and secured tightly in a bun or ponytail.
  • Underwear is not permissible. Panties and Bra straps should not be visible through tights or leotards.  If a bra is needed, please wear a dance bra with clear elastic straps or a sports bra.
  • Jewelry is not permissible, only small stud earrings.
  • Cover-ups are not permissible.  Instructors must be able to observe the body and alignment.  This includes (but not limited to) sweats, t-shirts, spaghetti strap tops, tank tops, Soffe or gym shorts, etc. Some classes (ex. Hip Hop) may allow cover ups and/or layers; please see specific class Dress Code for further details.

Please click on ‘Dress Code’ and select a particular class, from drop down menu, for specific class dress code requirements.